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13 May 2009
Why are some visas processed so so much quicker than others with equal sponsorship and qualifications required or on CSL. Do you think it is down to the efficiency of the case officer that you are allocated, or lack of efficiency or is it down to the region you are hoping to relocate to?? Any thoughts anyone??
08 May 2009
Just feel the need to rant a bit.
It is so so frustrating everyday checking online to see if there has been any progress with our application or if in fact we have been sent the E mail telling us our visa has been granted, oh I wish. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the process as people who applied after us and with no state sponsorship or skills on the CSL have been granted their visa. Don't begrudge it to those people at all but when is ours going to arrive. I imagine our file in a big pile somewhere and just hope everyday that it get nearer to the top and our case officer picks it up. Don't suppose it is really like that but do wonder at times how they actually do process them. It wouldn't be so bad it they updated the document check list, ours still says requested against things that have been sent months ago and on more than one occasion aaaagh!!!. OK rant over but feel a bit better until the next one at least.
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