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16 Oct 2010
Everything seems to be progressing. Getting quotes for packers and insurance. We won't book flights until we have signed contracts just in case it falls at the last hurdle but hope to leave early Jan 2011. Brian busy cleaning tools, toolboxes, bikes etc etc etc. Liam was 14 yesterday and had some mates round for a sleepover. Trying to make the most of every opportunity and get the boys together with their mates as much as possible before we go. I think it will hit them more than they realise leaving their friends. I just hope they will thank us for it in the long run and that our move will give them lots of opportunities they would otherwise not have been fortunate enough to experience!!! Andrea xx
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02 Oct 2010
Thank you for your good wishes. Andrea
01 Oct 2010
We have sold subject to contract !!!!!!. I am in a real state of shock. We had decided we were going to take property off the market and give ourselves a break over christmas and re launch in march 2011. Then our estate agent called and after a bit of negotiation and a few sleepless nights, agreed a price we were happy with after sticking to our guns, and hey ho we are in a position we have only been dreaming about for the past 18 months. I am still fully aware that things can still go bottoms up but blimey what a wonderful position to be in. To be honest I cant even think what we need to do next as there seems so much to organise but the OH will have his spread sheet done at the weekend and we will have a plan. We need to be out by the end Nov and will hopefully stay with our family over Xmas and leave in early Jan 2011. Excited, anxious, sad, full of anticipation, fearful, out of control. I don't know how i feel. Andreax
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