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01 Dec 2010
Exchanged contracts today which was a huge relief as the contents of our house leave the UK tomorrow for Melbourne.
30 Nov 2010
Well, one day down two to go. The guys that came in today were great. Very professional and efficient and within a day most of our house is packed up and wrapped and in boxes. quite surreal actually. Absolutely shattered tonight. We are now staying at mum's which is great but have to keep reminding the boys that it's not their house and they can't hog the TV !!! looking forward to having a few weeks to relax before we fly. Still not exchanged contracts but promised it will happen over the next coupe of days.. Andrea
28 Nov 2010
Just having a minute. The house is upside down, stuff every where. Trying to sort, clean, throw, do i want it, shall i bin it? aaaagh. I am sure many of you can relate to this. The packers come in on monday and i am sure we will never be ready. Better get on!! Andrea
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