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08 Dec 2010
Well we are now homeless and living out of suitcases at my parent's. A bit strange today to drive past our house and see lights on and other people inside it. We have started the good byes and they are as hard as i expected and to be honest will be glad when they are over. I have just got over one bug and now have a streaming cold and cough. I think we are all just tired and a bit run down. I am looking forward to Christmas and just hope that it isn't too emotional for everyone. We leave four weeks today and the time is going so fast. I am so looking forward to some sunshine and heat. Minus 13 today when i left for work. Everywhere is really beautiful though and i am glad we have had a chance to see some snow before we leave. Hope all of the other Aussie movers are well and that you are all progressing with your plans. Just hold onto the thought, it will happen one day you just have to be patient. Take care. Andrea
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