Looking to share a little space on a container back to the UK in December :)
  • Hi Everyone,

    It seems so fitting that I'm coming full circle on this site and saying farewell to Aus for a little bit, 15 years after starting my adventure to Aus back in Ireland in 2002! This site was such a support as I waited for the adventure to begin and I'm hoping to find a little help as I end my journey here too :)

    I'm moving back to the UK (Southampton area) in December and was wondering has anyone in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area got the same plans as me and if so, would anyone have a little bit of spare space to share in a container that they might consider "renting" or sharing with me?

    I'm only bringing very little back with me (less than half/one cubic metre) as I'm not sure how long I may be going back for and would like to travel in Europe also while I'm there.

    If you feel like you may be able to help or have a little extra space that needs filling, feel free to drop me a line.

    Thanks a million!