Welcome to Aussiemove.com
  • Hello to all new and old members of the Aussiemove discussion forum.

    Due to technical requirements, we have recently converted our site to a new platform.

    As part of this move, we have also implemented new discussion forum software - Vanilla Forums - which is a widely used package.

    We have converted all existing Aussiemove member accounts, but we have not brought all the old discussions onto the new forum. If you want to see these, go to http://www.aussiemove.com/archive/

    In the meantime, please feel free to post your topics onto the new forum... I expect it will be a bit quiet for a while, until new discussions get underway. Also, if you want to suggest a new category in the forum (or any other suggestions) please send a PM to me (Aussiemove).

    regards to all,
    Geoff Hopkins