Keeping British citizenship
  • Hi all,
    I Hope someone can help with this . My daughter and I became Australian citizens earlier this year. We are in the process of getting our Australian passports, but would also like to keep our British citizenship too. To do this do we have to keep our British passports up to date , or can we let them expire at the end of the 10 year period. Our English passports expire beginning of 2013 so if I don't have to outlay the extra expense it would be a bonus.
    Thanks, Dee
  • British Citizenship is not dependant on holding a valid passport. I think you would have to actively relinguish your citizenship to no longer be British.
  • if you are british you will always be a british citizen regardless of wether or not you hold a UK passport, you can travel in and out of oz to the Uk on your pretty new Blue passport :-) no need to spend money on a uk one.
    Congratulations on becoming an Ozzy citizen by the way, we hope to do ours this year
    kind regards
  • Yes kidrummy is correct, but I would suggest getting one of each passport if you travel a lot, like we do then sometimes one gets you easier access to places than the other.
    We travel the world to catch snakes and have both British and Aus passports.
    All the best
  • I am British and became an Australia citizen on Australian day last year, I have so far not bought Australian passports due to cost (there are 5 of us), but I intent too. I found renewing our British ones cheaper than getting and Australian one (and the British one went to Liverpool UK and back registered post). My last trip to the UK was went I wished I had an Australian passport as the British passport control queue was very long and the foreign passport queue had just two people in it. I could have gone through that had I had the option. Not sure I look forward to holding 10 passports on a trip to the UK with us all though..
  • I am confused with this dual citizenship thing! I have British citizenship which I want to keep. Do I have to apply to keep my British citizenship before I apply for Australian citizenship?? Can someone guide me in the right direction...