What a problem!!
  • Hi

    My problem is that I moved over to Perth with my family this year. Our visa has now expired.

    One of my children wants to go home (19 years) and one isnt settled (14). The eldest has an apprenticeship here but is willing to give it up and go back to the UK to nothing. Do we all go home or do we let the one that wants to go home, go home. Doing this though I feel that this will split the family up.

    As the visa has expired and we do not have citizenship if we left we would not be able to come back.

    What would you do
  • Hi Yorkie,

    What a toughie. Ask this question to ten people and they'd all answer differently.

    We came back from Perth in Aug 2011 and for me it's been a real struggle and to be honest it was me that wanted to return. We were there for a very short eight months and I panicked about the prices and me not be able to get a job. Damon was working and we were surviving without touching any money from the UK but it was surviving.

    We were really lucky Damon got his old job back and our daughter had her school place too. I had to find a new job, the gods were shining on me and I did get one, not anything near as good as my previous post but a job nonetheless. We brought a brand new house and second hand cars. I thought I'd slot straight back into my old life but it's took me almost 18 months. I miss the optimism of Australia. I find the UK very depressed. On the upside at least prices are low, especially house prices so you could get yourselves a bargain if you do return. Also clothes and food prices are a snip of Perth prices. But it's not all about money. As the old saying goes, I wish I knew what I know now and I would like to think we'd still be in Mindarie but who knows we could have stuck it out for a few years and still would have returned. Oh to have a crystal ball.

    Our daughter was 12 when we arrived and is now 14, she settled quite well in Perth but she's so happy to be home in the UK. Again it depends on the child. Kate is quite a reserved child and an only one. She said she'd go anywhere as long as she had us. I have mentioned on more than one occasion, at least once a week!!, about perhaps returning to Perth and in no uncertain terms she reassures me that she's not going back. The teenage years are difficult for children and parents alike.

    Have you thought about letting your 19 year old come back to UK for a holiday? Seeing the country in the depth of winter might change her/his idea about returning. It could go one way or the other. It's a gamble but then what's not.

    Good luck with the decision.