price of living in Brisbane and house rentals
  • hi i wonder if anyone can help us we are looking at emigrating to Australia i have info on living on the Perth area but would like to know what the price of economy is in Brisbane is it a cheaper area to live than Perth is there a web site i am able to access also what are the range on prices for renting houses in Brisbane??..
    i am qualified mental health nurse so i am also looking for jobs in the area..?? any help would be gratefully received thank you.

    tracy x
  • Hi Tracy,
    I would google 'nursing opportunities in Brisbane'.
    There are lots of schemes run by hospitals all over Australia and can include migation packages with help for finding accomodation and sometimes partially funding the move.
    Unlike the UK agency work is easier to find and this usually pays well and could be a way to start. You could also google 'nursing agencies in the gold coast'
    Good luck
  • Tracy,

    I'm still in the investigation stage myself, but I've found a lot of job leads on this website. If you do a keyword search for "457", "Visa", and/or "Sponsor" you'll get results most specifically geared towards your needs. There's lots of medical opportunities it seems. I do recommend revamping your resume (CV) because AU resumes are very different from american or even UK.

    Also, regarding lodging. I just found a rental website by googling "MLS Brisbane" and this is one of the first results ... Rental prices are high, and i recommend doing a lot of looking before you settle. I believe there are still some gems available, you just have to look in the right places.