Move from South Africa to Perth
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    My wife, 2 young boys (under 3) and I are looking into emigrating to Perth. The process is about a year, if not longer, so would only be moving in the 1st half of 2015, if not a little later. There are obviously hundreds of questions, but to start out, I have been investigating online and the suburb of Southern River and the surrounds seem most appealing at this stage. Can you give any indication of the school facilities in the area, both primary and high school, as well as the recreational activities in the area. We are very outdoor orientated, and parks and pools are high up on our list of priorities for places to move to.

    Could you also please advise the processes involved with buying a house? We are in the property market in South Africa, and would like to buy a house in Perth. Are there limitations for people that are on a Permanent Residency? What, if any, are the deposits required and the basic costs involved with getting a house. We would initially rent to make sure that we don't rush into buying in an area that doesn't suit us, but I would like to know that we could get into the market without too many hurdles?

    Thank you and any other suggestions or information that you could suggest will also be highly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    Michael and family
  • Good day Michael and family

    Don't know if you are already in Perth, and if you have received a reply yet, as I see your post is dated March.

    But anyway.
    We live in the South Areas of Perth and just love it. We are currently situated in Secret Harbour and it is a really lovely place to live.

    We have been in Aus since January this year and we are in the process of building a new home in Baldivis.

    We didn't have any hassles to get a finance.
    There are lots of options with regards to financing some range from a 10% deposit and there are some you only have to pay $2000.

    If you have any other questions send me a PM