Cost of Living in Australia

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Cars and Travelling

Our family runs two cars; one is an old '97 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5L 4WD, worth maybe $8,000. Insurance is $600 per year, annual licence (road tax) is $555. 6-monthly services are $270. Repairs are running at about $1200 per year. I estimate I'm spending $2,500 per year on fuel.

The second car is a 2011 Hyundai i30 2.0L, bought new for $19,000. Insurance is $520 per year, annual licence is $472. RAC membership (covers both cars) is $200. Annual service is $220. Repairs estimated at $350 per year. Fuel costs are running at about $1,500 per year.

Petrol (regular unleaded) is around $1.30 a litre in Perth at the time of writing (June 2012). At the same time oil is about US$96 a barrel.

Total Car Costs:
Each car is driven about 10-15,000 km per annum. Total running costs, ignoring depreciation: amount to about $5,400 per year (Pajero) and $3,250 per year (i30), total $8,650 for both ($721 per month / $166 per week).

Of course, if you change your car every few years, depreciation becomes a significant cost. On this basis, overall running costs obtained from the RAC are about $1/km for the Pajero and 56¢/km for the i30. So, based on only 15,000km per year each, the total cost is $15,000 + $8,400 = $23,400 per year!

Public Transport
From Duncraig into Perth CBD (a 2-zone journey), the standard fare would be $3.80 per journey, totalling $38 per week (10 trips). This can be reduced by 25% to $28.50 per week by using a "SmartRider" card.


  • RAC for car prices and running costs.
  • Transperth for train fares and zones.