Cost of Living in Australia

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Here are the education costs for one child in a private high school and one in a state high school.

State High School

No official fees for state primary or high schools, but each family may be asked to pay a "voluntary contribution" which may be up to $235 for the year.

There's a stationery order (about $60) at the start of each year, plus the cost of any excursions or incursions (eg. plays put on at the school).

A contribution towards the P&C (Parents and Citizens Association) may also be requested ($60 this year at my son's primary school).

Total for state high school (approx):
$400 per year = $33 per month = $8 per week

Private High school

  • Annual Tuition Fees = $7,985 (Year 12)
  • Other costs (approximate) = $1400

Examples of "other costs":

  • Resources Fee ($375 per year)
  • Building Levy ($550 per year)
  • Camp fees ($220)
  • netball/athletics/swimming carnivals - $30-$50 each

Total for private secondary school:
$9,385 per year = $782 per month = $180 per week.

Note: this is a "middle-tier" private school. Fees for the "top" schools can be around $20,000 per year for tuition alone. Some private schools, especially Catholic ones, can be quite a bit cheaper.