Cost of Living in Australia

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Private health insurance is optional, of course, but I would think the majority of Aussies have some level of cover. Ever since we settled here, we have had "ancilliaries" (aka "extras") cover for dentist, optician etc. - we used to have a policy with HBF, but have been with Medibank Private for the last few years.

We now also have "Basic Hospital" cover with another company, AHM. This pays some of the costs for in-hospital procedures, surgery etc.

We do not visit the doctor all that much and don't need any regular medication, but between us all we do use the services of the dentist, optician, podiatrist, chiropractor and occasionally the physio - there is usually something to pay - a "Gap" - on each visit (read more on our health pages)

  • Ancilliaries (Medibank Private Extras) = $87 per month
  • Hospital cover (AHM) = $127 per month
  • Other (GAP) expenses = $100 per month (estimate)

Total for family healthcare:
$3,772 per year = $315 per month = $73 per week.

Pet Health

When things go wrong, healthcare for pets can be as expensive as for humans. We estimate vet bills for our middle-aged cocker spaniel are averaging $300 per year. Add to this the $200 or so for clipping and that's $500 per year.

Total for pooch well-being:
$500 per year = $42 per month = $10 per week.