Cost of Living in Australia

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Sport and Recreation

Of course, this will vary enormously between families, but the following list is not at all unusual:
  • Family membership of the local tennis club = $420 per year
  • Golf (6 day membership of private club) = $1500 per year
  • Leisure Centre membership (Swim + gym + group classes) = $830 per year
  • Leisure Centre membership (Group classes only) = $645 per year
  • Swimming/yoga/gym (casual) = $12.50 per session
  • Winter kids sports (Soccer & Netball) = $250 per year
  • Summer kids sports (Teeball & Surf Club) = $250 per year

The total cost for our family:  $2,500 per year = $208 per month = $48 per week.

(We do some of the activities listed, not all of them)

Even if your family is not actively into sport, you might need to consider the costs of music or dancing lessons, etc.