Cars & Driving in Australia

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Buying a Car

Pretty soon after arrival, most migrants will be looking to buy either a new or used car. A couple of general observations - in comparison to the UK, new cars are a bit cheaper in Australia and used cars are usually quite a lot more expensive.To see the recommended "book value" for used cars, see The Red Book

Additional Costs

If you're buying new, there are normally some additional costs on top of the list price for the vehicle ("on road costs") these may include stamp duty (see below), "dealer delivery" and registration.

Stamp Duty

Whether buying a new or used car, you will have to pay stamp duty to the state government. In WA, the rates are 2.75% for a car with market value up to $20,000, increasing to 6.5% for cars worth $45,000 or more. So, for example, a $35,000 car will cost you an additional $1750. Here are links for stamp duty rates in each state: