Currency Exchange

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Currency Specialists

OFX (formerly known as OzForex) are experts in international payments.

OFX offer extremely competitive exchange rates and lower fees than the banks, allowing your money to go further.

They also provide rate alerts and hedging tools to assist you in managing the volatility of the foreign exchange market.

By using OFX you will enjoy:

  • 2 fee free transfers for Aussiemove clients
  • Competitive foreign exchange rates across 55 currencies
  • Customer service & online access 24/7
  • Low dealing minimum, only $250

Click here to register and mention 'Aussiemove' to get started.

Or click here for more information about OFX.

OFX is trusted by customers all around the world and has grown from two employees to over 200 since launch in 1998. In this time they've managed over one million transfers, totalling in excess of AUD $84 billion spanning 55 currencies in 198 countries.

Visit or phone local call 1300 300 424 (in Aus) or 0207 614 4194 (in UK)