How We Are Funded

We are not Migration Agents, Financial Advisors, Accommodation Providers or Real Estate agents. Our expertise is primarily in IT and our business is the website itself.

We are determined to keep this website FREE for You.

To pay for the site, we invite service providers to sponsor various pages and in return they can advertise their services. In the case of accommodation booking, we receive a fee from the accommodation providers for bookings that originate from this site.

On pages which are not directly sponsored, we may also serve Googleads.

This is a small business, providing a modest income, but we hope it's giving help and support to a large number of new migrants.

We provide general information and attempt to be as unbiased as possible. Information provided by sponsors and advertisers is published in good faith, but we do not make any specific claims about their services.


Becoming a Sponsor

If you run a business providing goods or services to migrants, you may like to consider becoming a sponsor.

The cost may be a lot lower than you would expect. For example, sponsoring one of our suburb pages costs just $360 per year* and places your ad directly in front of new migrants interested in your area.

Please contact us to discuss the options.

* Plus GST where applicable










Our Current Partners & Sponsors

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