Jobs & Wages in Australia

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Annual Leave (Holidays)

The standard annual leave allowance in Australia is four weeks per year. There are also 10 public holidays throughout the year.

Many employers offer additional holiday entitlements, such as:

  • More weeks holiday per year - either simply as a perk, or in exchange for some other aspect of work, for example, if the job requires so many on-call hours through the year, the employee may be entitled to an extra week's holiday.
  • Rostered Day Off (RDO) or Accrued Day Off (ADO). The employee is granted an additional day's holiday per fortnight, or per month. This may have been granted in exchange for working a longer day, for example.
  • Long Service Leave. This is a long (paid) holiday, typically 3 months, granted after ten years of employment. It is a relic of the old colonial days, when British migrants would need that length of holiday to sail back to Britain. It is common in government jobs, but does exist in the private sector. The exact qualifying time may vary - some employers will give long service leave after seven years, some may be twelve, etc.

Annual Leave Loading

This is when the employer pays a bonus rate (17.5% over the normal rate) when you are taking your annual leave. This arrangement is very common in employment under an award agreement.

TOIL - Time Off In Lieu

Time Off in Lieu is ad-hoc paid time off granted when the employee has been working extra hours. Although this is not really a benefit, it is worth mentioning as some employers would grant it and others may expect you to work unpaid overtime.