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Alfred Cove, WA 6154
9 km from CBD
Median house price: $702,000
Local council : Melville

Alfred Cove itself is a quiet inlet on the southern bank of the Swan River and the suburb of Alfred Cove meets the river for a half-kilometre stretch at Tompkins Park. However, unlike neighbouring Applecross and Attadale, Alfred Cove can't boast riverfront mansions - the residential area is separated from the river by the Canning Highway.

Of course, this makes property in Alfred Cove much more affordable, and many homes are still within easy walking distance to the river. There are a number of houses with river views across the highway.

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Swan River foreshore near Alfred Cove

Tompkins Park, Alfred Cove

Residential area at Alfred Cove - separated from the Swan River by the Canning Highway, but great views from the hill

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Melville Bowling Club
592 Canning Hwy, Alfred Cove
Perth Saints
Tompkins Park, Alfred Cove
Melville Cricket Club
Tompkins Park, Alfred Cove
Melvile Cricket Club (WASTCA)
Tompkins Park, Alfred Cove