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Bicton, WA 6157
12 km from CBD
Median house price: $915,000
Local council : Melville

Bicton is a very attractive suburb, on the river and north of the Canning Highway. Lots of leafy streets and parks and a variety of housing - the original cottages, lots of tin roofs, groups of villas and multi-million dollar mansions overlooking the river to Mosman Park.

Great for walks on the river or sailing. Freo is very close.

Travelling into Perth could be the main problem - no railway so it s car or bus along the Canning Hwy, which is a 60kmh road and can get pretty congested.

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Blackwall Reach parade, Bicton

Point Walter reserve - very popular spot for family days out

Bicton, looking from Mosman Park across the Swan River

Point Walter Reserve, with fishing jetty. Also a popular water-skiing spot

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Bicton Primary School
View Terrace, Bicton
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Point Walter Golf Course
Honour Ave, Bicton
Bicton Pool
Blackwall Reach Parade, Bicton