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Clarkson, WA 6030
32 km from CBD
Median house price: $390,000
Local council : Wanneroo

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One of the parks in Somerly.

Somerly - looking towards the train station.

The park on Somerly Drive.

Shops in Ainsbury Parade, Clarkson

One of the child care centres in the area.

Some of the shops in Clarkson

Some of the fast food shops in Clarkson.

Some more shops in the area.

New housing close to the station.

Part of the train station.

One of the cottage style houses with the garage at the back, perfect for those not wanting a large garden.

Clarkson Primary School

Footy oval, Clarkson

Schools in ClarksonShow on map
Clarkson Community High School
16 Walyunga Boulevard, Clarkson
Clarkson Primary School
8 Aldersea Circle, Clarkson
Somerly Primary School
15 Somerly Drive, Clarkson
St Andrew's Catholic Primary
60 Victorsen Parade, Clarkson
Facilities in ClarksonShow on map
Clarkson Library
27 Ocean Keys Blvd, Clarkson
Ocean Keys Shopping Centre
36 Ocean Keys Boulevard, Clarkson