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Como, WA 6152
5 km from CBD
Median house price: $800,000
Local council : South Perth

Cheaper than South Perth, but similar housing styles and quality. Price difference probably reflects the fact that Como doesn't have direct access to the river - to the west the Kwinana Freeway gets in the way. Still, lots of houses have good river views in that direction.

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Robert Street, Como

Neil McDougall Park, Como

Typical older style house in Como

Apartments overlooking the Swan River (across the freeway)

Schools in ComoShow on map
Collier Primary School
Hobbs Avenue, Como
Como Primary School
Thelma Street, Como
Como Secondary College
Bruce Street, Como
Manning Primary School
60-80 Ley Street, Como
Penrhos College
6 Morrison Street, Como
Facilities in ComoShow on map
Collier Park Golf Course
Hayman Rd, Como
Canning Bridge Train Station
Canning Hwy, Como
South Perth Tennis Club
McNabb Loop, Como
Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football Club
Grayden Reserve, Como