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Cottesloe, WA 6011
12 km from CBD
Median house price: $1,720,000
Local council : Cottesloe

Cottesloe is probably the most prestigious beachside suburb in Perth, featuring over 3km of golden beaches with several restaurants and cafes right on the beach - a rarity for Perth.

Housing in Cottesloe is mostly of a high quality and is very diverse; there are quite a few apartment complexes, two-storey townhouses on small blocks and more traditional single- or two-storey houses on larger blocks, up to about 1000sqm.

Access to Perth CBD is by car or bus along the Stirling Highway or by train from Cottesloe or Grant St. station. On the entertainment side (apart from the beach), the Swan River is only 1-2km away and the restaurants and bars of Fremantle are about a 6km drive.
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Warnham Road, Cottesloe

Cottesloe Beach

Indiana tea house.

Cottesloe Beach and the famous Indiana Tea Rooms

Broome Street, Cottesloe

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North Cottesloe Primary School
100 Eric Street, Cottesloe
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Sea View Golf Club
Jarrad St, Cottesloe
Town of Cottesloe
109 Broome St, Cottesloe
Cottesloe Train Station
Railway St, Cottesloe
Cottesloe Scouts
Haining Ave, Cottesloe
Cottesloe Tennis Club
Napier St & Broome St, Cottesloe