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Dalkeith, WA 6009
8 km from CBD
Median house price: $2,425,000
Local council : Nedlands

Very classy suburb, with a price tag to match! Proximity to the Swan River is the key attraction and houses with the sought after view command big dollars. Large blocks and some great old architecture - lots of original federation styles, dating back to early 1900's with established gardens and wide, leafy streets.

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Swan River and foreshore from Dalkeith

Birdwood Parade, Dalkeith

View over Melvista Park, Dalkeith

Freshwater Bay, Dalkeith/Claremont

Schools in DalkeithShow on map
Dalkeith Primary School
44 Circe Circle, Dalkeith
Facilities in DalkeithShow on map
Dalkeith- Nedlands Bowling Club
Jutland Parade, Dalkeith
Collegians Football Club
Dalkeith Oval, Dalkeith