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Doubleview, WA 6018
10 km from CBD
Median house price: $645,000
Local council : Stirling

Doubleview is located 10km north-west of Perth CBD and 2-3km from the beach at Scarborough. The suburb sits on the brow of a hill, allowing it views to the ocean on the one side and views to the city on the other, hence the name of Doubleview.

Traditional dwellings in the suburb are single-storey, brick & tile houses on medium sized blocks (around 700sqm). In recent years many two-storey houses have been built, along with townhouses on smaller blocks. There are a few villas available and some vacant land can still be found.

Access to Perth CBD is by road and the area has a good bus service.

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Perth CBD viewed from Doubleview


Schools in DoubleviewShow on map
Doubleview Primary School
203 St Brigid's Terrace, Doubleview
Holy Rosary School
35 Williamstown Road, Doubleview
Newborough Primary School
176 Newborough Street, Doubleview
Facilities in DoubleviewShow on map
Doubleview Girl Guides
Hancock St, Doubleview
Doubleview Bowling Club
17 Shearn Crescent, Doubleview
Scarborough Mercantile Cricket Club
Bennett Park, Doubleview