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Floreat, WA 6014
8 km from CBD
Median house price: $1,125,000
Local council : Cambridge

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Tennis courts, Floreat

Schools in FloreatShow on map
Churchlands Primary School
Cromarty Road, Floreat
Floreat Park Primary School
38 Chandler Avenue, Floreat
Facilities in FloreatShow on map
Town of Cambridge
1 Bold Park Dr, Floreat
Cambridge Library
Floreat Forum, Floreat
Floreat Forum
The Boulevard, Floreat
Cambridge Scouts
Alderbury St, Floreat
Floreat Scouts
Draper St, Floreat
Cambridge Girl Guides
Alderbury St, Floreat
Floreat Girl Guides
Draper St, Floreat
Cambridge Bowling Club
Chandler Ave West, Floreat
Floreat Park Tennis Club
The Boulevard, Floreat
Reabold Tennis Club
Howtree Pl & Oceanic Dr, Floreat
Subiaco-Floreat Cricket Club
Floreat Oval, Floreat
Floreat-Hellenic Cricket Club
Les Lilleyman Reserve, Floreat
SKLP Cricket Club
Grantham Selby Park, Floreat