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Iluka, WA 6028
26 km from CBD
Median house price: $810,000
Local council : Joondalup

The suburb of Iluka has only been developed in the last few years and there is still a lot of building going on. Iluka may not have the infrastructure of its neighbouring suburbs, but it does have very high quality housing, reflected in the high median house price.

Near the ocean front there are many mansions in the $1-2million (and higher) bracket, and plenty of substantial two storey homes around the suburb. The very picturesque Sir James McCusker park forms the centrepiece of the suburb and there are several smaller parks as well.

The coastal path runs the whole length of the suburb, great for walking or cycling. There are plenty of schools in adjacent suburbs and shopping facilities at Currambine and of course, Joondalup which is only 4km away.

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Sir James McCusker Park, Iluka

Coastal footpath at Iluka

Burns Beach, Iluka

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Beaumaris Bowling Club
6 Miami Beach Prom, Iluka
Joondalup City FC
Miami Beach Prom, Iluka
Joondalup District Cricket Club
Miami Beach Prom, Iluka