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Kingsley, WA 6026
18 km from CBD
Median house price: $540,000
Local council : Joondalup

Kingsley ticks a lot of boxes for many migrants - especially those with young kids: It's not too expensive - median price is a little above the average for Perth and that represents pretty good value considering Kingsley is just 16km from the CBD and only 5 or 6km from the beach. There is a variety of housing, ranging from smaller 3x1's (3 bedroom, 1 bathroom) duplexes or villas, to big double-storey houses. There's also a fair bit of retirement housing around. There are plenty of primary schools in and around the suburb and a very good state high school nearby in Woodvale. Great access into Perth - there are freeway onramps AND railway stations at both the north-west (Whitfords Ave) and South-West (Hepburn Ave) corners of the suburb. A couple of local shopping centres - a very small one at Moolanda Boulevard and a bigger (and popular) centre on Kingsley Drive with an IGA supermarket plus the Kingsley Tavern and a well-used Dome Cafe. Lots of play-parks in the suburb, plus an area of natural bushland called Shepherds Bush Reserve. There's also Lake Goollelal on the Eastern border, a great place for walking or cycling.

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A typical Kingsley street.

Lake Goollelal on the eastern border of Kingsley

Yellagonga Regional Park / Lake Goollelal info

Houses overlooking the lake

BMX track in Shepherds Bush - area of bushland in the centre of Kingsley

More double-storey housing east of Barridale Drive

Bushland walk - Shepherds Bush Reserve

Local shopping centre and tavern on Kingsley Drive

Houses with lake views - Goollelal Drive

Schools in KingsleyShow on map
Creaney Primary School
6 Creaney Drive, Kingsley
Dalmain Primary School
64 Dalmain Street, Kingsley
Goollelal Primary School
30 Cadogan Street, Kingsley
Halidon Primary School
38 Halidon Street, Kingsley
Montessori School - Kingsley
18 Montessori Place, Kingsley
Facilities in KingsleyShow on map
Whitfords Train Station
Whitfords Ave, Kingsley
Kingsley SC
Trappers Dr, Kingsley
Kingsley Amateur Football Club
Kingsley Park, Kingsley
Kingsley Woodvale Cricket Club
Kingsley Park, Kingsley