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Madeley, WA 6065
18 km from CBD
Median house price: $550,000
Local council : Wanneroo

Madeley, a suburb favoured by POMs and the locals offer one of the best places to live in the City of Wanneroo. A fast growing suburb with vast potential in capital growth has seen substantial median price growth from $541,000 in August 2007 to $580,000 in July 2008.

Why is this suburb so popular?
  1. Accessibility to facilities and amenities such as Kingsway Shopping Centre, Kingsway Regional Sports Complex and a medical centre in a matter of few minutes
  2. Strategically located between Greenwood and Whitfords Train Station, around 5 min drive
  3. Easy access to the freeway, 18km or 20 mins from Perth city centre
  4. 10 min from one of the most favourite places visited by families
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Schools in MadeleyShow on map
Madeley Primary School
Martindale Avenue, Madeley
Facilities in MadeleyShow on map
Olympic Kingsway SC
Kingsway Reserve, Madeley
Kingsway City Shopping Centre
168 Wanneroo Rd, Madeley
Perth City SC
Kingsway Sporting Complex, Madeley
Kingsway Amateur Football Club
Kingsway Sporting Complex, Madeley
Wanneroo District Cricket Club
Kingsway Reserve, Madeley
Kingsway Sportsman Cricket Club
Kingsway Sporting Complex, Madeley