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Marmion, WA 6020
16 km from CBD
Median house price: $847,500
Local council : Joondalup

Marmion is a small suburb with something of a village feel because of it's well-used central shopping area and a lovely park (Braden Park).

Marmion was established as a new subdivision (residential development) in the 70s and much of the housing is typical 70s architecture, much like in neighbouring Duncraig. Lots of renovation going on to bring the housing up to date.

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Ocean view from Lennard St, Marmion

Schools in MarmionShow on map
Marmion Primary School
Cliverton Court, Marmion
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Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club
West Coast Drive, Marmion
Braden Park
Braden Way, Marmion
Lennards Pool
West Coast Drive, Marmion
Marmion Shopping Centre
Sheppard Way, Marmion