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Morley, WA 6062
8 km from CBD
Median house price: $483,000
Local council : Bayswater

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Schools in MorleyShow on map
Hampton Park Primary School
Hamersley Place, Morley
Hampton Senior High
Morley Drive East, Morley
Infant Jesus School
1 Russell Street, Morley
John Forrest Senior High
180 Drake Street, Morley
Morley Primary School
36 Wellington Road, Morley
Weld Square Primary School
Dorking Place, Morley
Facilities in MorleyShow on map
Morley Public Library
7 Dewar St, Morley
City of Bayswater
61 Broun Ave, Morley
Centro Galleria
Collier Rd & Walter Rd, Morley
Morley Scouts
Wellington Rd, Morley
Morley Girl Guides
Wellington Rd, Morley
Hampton Park Girl Guides
Mickleham Rd, Morley
Hampton Park Scouts
Mickleham Rd, Morley
Golden Lily FC
Elstead Way, Morley
Infant Jesus SC
Emberson Reserve, Morley