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Mount Claremont, WA 6010
9 km from CBD
Median house price: $1,220,000
Local council : Nedlands

Great location, close to Bold Park for walking the dog, Challenge stadium for sports and Swanbourne/Cottesloe for the beach. Lots of modern housing as a lot of development took place in the last 90's.

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Daran Park, Mount Claremont

Schools in Mount ClaremontShow on map
John XXIII College
John XXIII Avenue, Mount Claremont
Moerlina School
16 Brockway Road, Mount Claremont
Mount Claremont Primary School
103 Alfred Road, Mount Claremont
The Quintilian School
46 Quintilian Road, Mount Claremont
Facilities in Mount ClaremontShow on map
Mount Claremont Library
105 Montgomery Ave, Mount Claremont
Challenge Stadium
Stephenson Ave, Mount Claremont
Graylands Hospital
Brockway Rd, Mount Claremont
University Football Club
UWA Sports Park, Mount Claremont
UWA Cricket Club
McGillivray Rd, Mount Claremont