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Riverton, WA 6148
10 km from CBD
Median house price: $565,000
Local council : Canning

Riverton is located on the Canning River, just where the river reduces to a trickle and therefore becomes less picturesque. This is reflected in the property prices - much lower than neighbouring Shelley where you have the full river views.

Nevertheless, the recreational aspects of the river are on your doorstep - walking, cycling, and boating of course.
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Riverton Bridge over the Cannning River, Riverton

Riverton Drive, border of Riverton and Shelley

Canning River - Riverton Drive

Schools in RivertonShow on map
Queen of Apostles Primary School
108 Tribute Street East, Riverton
Riverton Primary School
255 Corinthian Road East, Riverton
Facilities in RivertonShow on map
Riverton Library
67 Riley Rd, Riverton
Riverton Leisureplex
Riley Rd & High Rd, Riverton
Canning Vale Cougars
Riverton Park, Riverton
Riverton Cricket Club
Riverton Park, Riverton