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Rivervale, WA 6103
5 km from CBD
Median house price: $545,000
Local council : Belmont

On the plus side, Rivervale is located on a picturesque bend in the Swan River, as shown in the photos and is close to the city with access via the Graham Farmer Freeway (through the tunnel) or train.

Negatives are the fact that the Great Eastern Highway comes in between most of the houses and the river, there are a lot of apartments on the river side and it does seem to have a rough reputation.

Never lived there, so can t make a judgement on that, but the property price does reflect that. It will probably become a sought-after area in time, so maybe for young couples looking for a bargain near the city, this could be the suburb?

3 photos (click photo for close-up)
Apartment block overlooking Swan River at Rivervale

Swan River at Rivervale, looking east to Perth CBD

Great Eastern Highway at Rivervale

Schools in RivervaleShow on map
St Augustine's School
34 Gladstone Road, Rivervale
Tranby Primary School
99 Acton Avenue, Rivervale
Facilities in RivervaleShow on map
Rivervale Girl Guides
Francisco St, Rivervale