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Rossmoyne, WA 6148
9 km from CBD
Median house price: $883,500
Local council : Canning

Drive south over the Mount Henry Bridge on the Kwinana Freeway and look at the houses on the peninsula - that' s Rossmoyne, a great location for river views and recreation around the river. There' s a cycle/walking path around the foreshore, water-skiing area on the river. Some great houses on the river front and the median house price of course, reflects the attraction of the area.

Rossmoyne Senior High School has a very good reputation - people move into the area just to get into the school - you see 'in RSHZ' advertised in the real estate ads, meaning 'in Rossmoyne Senior High Zone'.
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Riverton Drive West, Rossmoyne

Rossmoyne viewed from Salter Point, across the Canning River

Riverfront houses in Rossmoyne

View from 5th Avenue over the Rossmoyne foreshore and the Canning River

Kids playing on the sandspit overlooking the Canning River and Rossmoyne

Cycling along the shared path along the Rossmoyne and Shelley foreshore

Cycling on the Shelley - Rossmoyne shared path with Perth views.

Looking North over Riverton Drive and the canning River

Another view looking South over Rossmoyne and Shelley

Schools in RossmoyneShow on map
Rossmoyne Primary School
90 Second Avenue, Rossmoyne
Rossmoyne Senior High
Keith Road, Rossmoyne
Facilities in RossmoyneShow on map
Rossmoyne Bowling Club
Tuscan St, Rossmoyne