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Scarborough, WA 6019
11 km from CBD
Median house price: $730,000
Local council : Stirling

Scarborough is a beachside suburb about 12km north-west of Perth and is probably Perth 's biggest holiday destination outside the CBD. Not surprisingly, Scarborough has many attractions for the summer holiday-maker - there' s more than 2km of perfect sandy beach, an attractive esplanade with kids playgrounds and a walk/bike path, the Observation City hotel and an abundance of beachfront apartments. There are also several cafes, restaurants and bars close to the beach.

The residential area of Scarborough extends up to 2km inland - still close to the beach - and displays a variety of housing - many units and villas but also some 3 and 4 bedroom houses, usually on smallish blocks around 400sqm. There' s still a fair number of vacant blocks around to build on. Access to the city is by road and there are good bus services to the area.
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Scarborough beach

The Esplanade, Scarborough.

Hotel and self-contained apartments, Scarborough

Schools in ScarboroughShow on map
Scarborough Primary School
Hinderwell Street, Scarborough
St John's School
21 Lalor Street, Scarborough
Facilities in ScarboroughShow on map
Scarborough Public Library
173 Gildercliffe Street, Scarborough
Scarborough Bowling Club
75 Deanmore Rd, Scarborough
Scarborough Tennis Academy
Deanmore Rd, Scarborough
Scarborough Cricket Club
Abbett Park, Scarborough