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Secret Harbour, WA 6173
50 km from CBD
Median house price: $461,000
Local council : Rockingham

Welcome to Comet Bay which is a wonderful stretch of coastline just south of Perth, Western Australia.

Secret Harbour, Golden Bay and Singleton are located along these beautiful beaches. These three superb communities have so much to offer and they are only 62kms from Perth. They are also nestled between the cities of Rockingham & Mandurah which are both unique in their location.

All three areas take advantage of the pristine beaches that are on their doorstep. As you drive in you leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life. Here you can relax, enjoy the great outdoors, watch the sun set into the Indian Ocean, be part of a great community and best of all live life to the full.
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Golf Course

High School

Primary School

Dolphin came right up to our boat at Rockingham!

Comet Bay College...sorry it's not a great pic!

Fishing at Silver Sands

I wish I was there now

This is our rental.

Schools in Secret HarbourShow on map
Comet Bay College
2 Allatoona Avenue, Secret Harbour
Comet Bay Primary School
85 Miltona Drive, Secret Harbour
Secret Harbour Primary School
Maratea Parade, Secret Harbour
Facilities in Secret HarbourShow on map
Secret Harbour Golf Links
Secret Harbour Blvd, Secret Harbour
Secret Harbour Amateur Football Club
Secret Harbour Oval, Secret Harbour