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Trigg, WA 6029
12 km from CBD
Median house price: $930,000
Local council : Stirling

One of the famous beaches in Perth, Trigg Beach is known for excellent surfing and kms of perfect sand stretching south to Scarborough (and beyond). Any Sunday morning in summer you ll see hundreds of kids doing their surf life-saving training on Trigg beach.There s Also Mettams Pool - a small and very calm beach is popular for little kids and older people who don t want to do battle with the surf. Also good for snorkelling.

Trigg itself is an attractive suburb, but retains some of its beach shack roots. There s a variety of housing, ranging from the original shacks to multi-million dollar mansions and everything in between. Lots of renovation work going on and some interesting styles.

Land prices for anything with ocean views are sky high - maybe $3-4000/sqm.

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On the way to Trigg beach.

Park beside Trigg beach.

Trigg beach, looking south to Scarborough

Clarko Reserve, Trigg

Street in Trigg

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