Suburb Profile for Woodvale, WA

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Woodvale, WA 6026
20 km from CBD
Median house price: $600,000
Local council : Joondalup

18 photos (click photo for close-up)

The Catholic Church beside the Catholic primary school.

Duffy Terrace that overlooks Yellangonga

Yellagonga Regional Park

A lovely two storey in The Sanctuary

Another lovely park

The orange stick in the ground is a bus stop

Some of the shops at one end of Woodvale

Medical centre and some fast food shops

Woodvale PS

Part of Trappers Park

Another park

At one of the schools

The Woodvale Tavern, sorry about the pic, it was taken through the back window of the car

Schools in WoodvaleShow on map
North Woodvale Primary School
Chichester Drive, Woodvale
St Luke's Catholic Primary
17 Duffy Terrace, Woodvale
Woodvale Primary School
44 Keatley Crescent, Woodvale
Woodvale Senior High
110 Woodvale Drive, Woodvale
Facilities in WoodvaleShow on map
Woodvale Library
5 Trappers Drive, Woodvale
Woodvale Boulevard
Whitfords Ave, Woodvale
Woodvale Private Hospital for Women
231 Timberlane Dr, Woodvale
Woodvale Scouts
Chichester Dr, Woodvale
Kingsley Tennis Club
Althaea Way, Woodvale
Woodvale FC
Timberlane Park, Woodvale