Migration to Australia

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Australia accepts migrants under many different visa categories (streams); skill migration, family migration, business and so on. The migration program for 2011-2012 allowed for more 185,000 places.

68% of these places were in the skilled stream, while 31.7% were in the family stream.

Where to Start

The Australian government office that oversees migration is the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA). Their website is www.immi.gov.au

If you are right at the start of this process, you may want to visit their site and read the Migrating to Australia section to understand the process and which migration streams you may qualify for.

If you're considering a skilled migration application, also take a look at DIMA's Booklet 6 - General Skilled Migration (a PDF doc).

Where to Get Help

It is not a requirement to use the services of a migration agent, although many people choose to do so. We at Aussiemove.com are not migration agents, but we are partly funded by registered migration agents, who also provide general information and news that we publish and who may answer queries on our discussion board. Click Here to find out more.

Who Can Give Advice

In Australia, it is illegal for anyone other than a registered migration agent to give migration advice. Aussiemove.com is not a migration agency and we do not provide advice directly. However, we do publish general information written by registered migration agents and provide links to registered agents and official government bodies. You may also read .quot;advice" on our discussion board - please note that while these messages may steer you in the right direction, you should never treat them as migration advice - you should always make direct contact with a registered agent or a government official to get the facts.

While we encourage our readers to share their own experiences of the migration process, we ask that you do not offer advice unless you are a migration agent registered in Australia.

Please read our disclaimer statement.

Migration Agents

Visa-Go Emigration will provide you with free, unbiased, no-obligation advice on which visa type and subclass best suits you, according to current immigration law. We will go through the entire migration process with you in detail, advise you of all costs and answer any questions you may have. Being fully informed from the start is paramount to a successful and stress-free application.

With an enviable success rate near 100%, Visa Go Emigration offer their clients a fee guarantee, so you can be confident that the advice and service you receive is both professional and dependable.

Registered Agent and Managing Director Darren Chatt, originally from Bunbury in Western Australia, has 15 years business management and client service experience. As a member of the Migration Agents Registration Authority and Migration Institute of Australia since 2002, he is professionally qualified to advise you on your visa and migration requirements.


please call 0131 557 1731

or complete our free online assessment at


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Migration Agent Services

provided by our sponsor Darren Chatt of Visa-Go Emigration. Registered Migration Agent (0211214)

The process of migration for most people is an adventure of unknown quantities. Whilst many will be able to find their way, just as many will not. Basically, no two applications will be the same, and there are many factors that will determine the outcome of each one.

Many qualified applicants will get through the application process themselves without any problems or delays. Others will have determining factors that may be overlooked or not deemed to be a consideration.

If you are not confident that your application is strong, or concerned that it may be incomplete, then you could ask a Registered Migration Agent to look over it for you, and even lodge it on your behalf. You should be aware that not all agents will give this service, but it is worth asking and determining a fee.

You may well save a considerable amount of money in preparing the application yourself. Your best investment however, may be in having it perused and endorsed by a professional before having it lodged.

More Information?
For more information contact Darren Chatt of Visa-Go Emigration on +44 (0)131 557 1731.

When's the Right Time to Apply?

provided by our sponsor Darren Chatt of Visa-Go Emigration. Registered Migration Agent (0211214)


Don't let the credit crunch dash your dreams of moving to Australia - there's no better time to start applying for that skilled visa.

Many potential migrants might currently be wondering whether to apply for a skilled visa now or wait until timing is better, but there really is no time like the present. The economic downturn is putting pressure on the Australian Government to consider cutting migration, as they seek ways to protect their workforce.

The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, has said that he might cut the amount of skilled visas issued in the future, even though the number of places on the skilled migration program increased in May 2008 from 102,500 to 133,500 to ease nationwide skill shortages. Evans is also considering a change to the MODL list.

And if that doesn't make you get your skates on, all states and territories have recently changed their Temporary and Permanent state sponsorship list, with some significant reductions. So if you are eligible for a skilled permanent visa (175 and 176) make sure you apply now, as you may not be on the list in six or 12 months time.


There may be many reasons why you are choosing not to apply right now; you are unable to sell your house, your children are at a critical stage of their schooling or you are part way through a contract of employment. Whatever the reason, you should consider that your skilled visa could take up to 12 months to be approved, although this is reduced if you are State Sponsored or your occupation is on the Critical Skills List.

Once you have been granted your visa, you must activate it within 12 months from the date of completing your medical or criminal checks. If you are migrating on a Skilled 175 or 176, you have up to five years before your visa expires.

This enables you to activate your visa and have unlimited entry into Australia over the next five years, allowing you to return home to sell your house and finalise any other commitments that you may have. As long as you are back in Australia before your visa expires, you will be fine!


Another important consideration for parents is the age of their children. Once your children turn 18 years of age, they can only be included on your application if they are classed as dependent.

This usually requires the child to be in full time education and living at home. Even if your 18 year-old doesn't want to come with you, it is worth putting them on your visa anyway as the only extra cost will be a medical, x-ray and return flight for the activation of their visa. This will give them up to five years in which to make the decision whether or not to move permanently to Australia.


If you're keen to emigrate but have been left in limbo by the suspension of Pathway D, don't despair - there is another option. Australian-based trade companies who offer education and training in the building and construction industry now offer particular tradesmen the chance to be formally assessed in the UK. This includes applicants who have work experience only and who do not qualify the 900 hours of formal training otherwise required by the TRA.

Australian Training Officers carry out workplace assessments, including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC). An initial written assessment, with references, is usually followed by an on-site assessment based on various duties and tasks performed by the applicant and providing all competencies are met.

Providing all competencies are met, the applicants will then receive the Australian Qualification Certificate Level 3, allowing them to apply through the Trades Recognition of Australia (TRA) under Pathway E.

More Information?

For more information contact Darren Chatt of Visa-Go Emigration on +44 (0)131 557 1731.

Other Migration Links

Australian Immigration Department
Primary resource for immigration information. Also has migration statistics.

Australia High Commission - UK

Migration Institute of Australia
Very easy-to-use site, listing all registered migration agents in Australia, with links to email and websites where available.

Migration Agents Registration Authority
The professional body representing all registered migration agents in Australia.

Visa Application - FAQs

provided by our sponsor Darren Chatt of Visa-Go Emigration. Registered Migration Agent (0211214)

QI am currently 33 years old and have had Diabetes for the last 10 years. I take insulin intravenously twice a day and would like to apply for Skilled Migration to Australia. Will my Diabetes be a problem?
AWe always submit a Specialists report with the main application, giving details on when diagnosed was made, current treatment regime and future prognosis. If you are in good health and have always maintained your condition, then you will be fine to lodge your application. Always be up front in regard to any medical conditions and include detailed reports where possible.

QAbout 10 years ago, when I was 19 years of age, I was arrested and fined £100 for Breach of the Peace. Will this could jeopardise my application for migration to Australia?
AWhether or not you expect that any offence of this nature will appear on the Police Clearance which will be submitted to the Australia authorities, you should detail the circumstances of the offence in your application. A full statement from you detailing the incident and the circumstances surrounding the offence should be included, together with character references. It should not harm your application.

QI have a child from a previous relationship and am looking at migrating to Australia, will this be a problem?
AThe Department of Immigration will seek to ensure that allowing a child to migrate is not in contravention of Australia's international obligations in relation to the prevention of child abduction. If your application includes a child under the age of 18 years, and the child's other parent is not migrating with you, or there is any other person who has legal right to determine where the child can live, you will need to provide a Statutory Declaration from each of them giving permission for the child to migrate. Alternatively, you can provide a certified copy of a valid court order showing that you/your spouse have the legal right to remove the child from the country.

QHow do I go about certifying documents for my application? Who can do them for me and how much will it cost?
AIn most circumstances you are required to supply certified copies of documents authorised or stamped as being a "certified true copy of the original", by a person or agency recognised by the law of the person's home country.

In Australia, this means a copy which is authorised as a true copy by a person before whom a Statutory Declaration may be made. Such authorised persons include:

  • Magistrates
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Commissioner for Declarations
  • Commissioner for Affidavits
  • Solicitor
  • Registered Medical Practitioner
  • Bank Manager
  • Postal Manager
  • Australian Public Service Officer with 5 years or more service.

In the United Kingdom authorised persons include:

  • Notary Publics
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Solicitors
  • Commissioner for Declarations.

If you are considering enlisting the services of a Registered Migration Agent, please determine beforehand if the certification of documents is included in their professional fee. The cost of certifying documents can be as much as £100, so this is a valuable service if included.

Any Other Questions?
Darren Chatt of Visa-Go Emigration has offered to answer Aussiemovers' questions with no charge and no obligation to use his services. Send Darren your question via email to info@visa-go.com.


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While we at Aussiemove.com have performed a large amount of research on each subject area, we do not claim to be experts in those fields and we recommend that migrants discuss their requirements with companies specialising in those fields before making purchases, investments or other decisions concerning their move.

The content of this website is general in nature - no specific advice is intended.

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