Taking Pets to Australia

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Dog and Cat Resources

Most of the following is written for Perth, but will relate fairly well to other cities. Some of the links are Perth-specific, some are Australia-wide.

Dog Licensing

All dogs over the age of three months must be registered via your local council.

Most councils have a limit on the number of dogs that can be kept at home.

Dog Exercise Areas

Most public parks allow dogs - there are usually signs to indicate if dogs are NOT allowed or must be kept on a leash.

Most areas of the Swan and Canning River foreshores permit dogs, although there are some restrictions.

Only certain beaches are available for dog exercise - check your local council website for a list of these beaches.

In general, dog owners are very good about cleaning up after their dog - most parks have a supply of "pooch-pouches" and bins. You do not see much dog mess at all on public footpaths.

Dog Links

Local council guide to responsible dog ownership

"Walking the Dog", an occasional series which brings you classic walks of the Perth/Fremantle area

Australia's Pure Breed Dog Community

Cat Links