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Duncraig, WA 6023
16 km from CBD
Median house price: $657,000
Local council : Joondalup

Duncraig was first established in the late 70's but has been gradually developed, so you find a variety of housing styles from anytime over the last 25 years. The suburb is very popular with families because of its good schools, attractive parks and affordability relative to other suburbs a kilometre nearer the coast.

There are also very good shopping and sports facilities in the suburb: no less than 5 small shopping centres, tennis courts, lawn bowls and a community centre with indoor sports hall. The Carine Lake and Open Space is also nearby.
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Granadilla Park, in the heart of South Duncraig.

Newer housing in South Duncraig

Percy Doyle Reserve - used for footy, soccer. Also tennis, netball, lawn bowls adjacent to the oval

Schools in DuncraigShow on map
Davallia Primary School
Juniper Way, Duncraig
Duncraig Primary School
Roche Road, Duncraig
Duncraig Senior High School
Readshaw Road , Duncraig
Glengarry Primary School
Doveridge Drive, Duncraig
Poynter Primary School
Poynter Drive, Duncraig
St Stephens School
100 Doveridge Drive, Duncraig
Facilities in DuncraigShow on map
Glengarry Private Hospital
53 Arnisdale Road, Duncraig
Carine Glades Shopping Centre
473 Beach Road, Duncraig
Glengarry Shopping Centre
Arnisdale Road, Duncraig
Sorrento Duncraig Tennis Club
40 Warwick Rd, Duncraig
Duncraig Library
Marmion Ave & Warwick Rd, Duncraig
Public Tennis Courts
cnr Marmion Ave & Warwick Road, Duncraig
Duncraig Shopping Centre
Marri Road, Duncraig
Sorrento FC
Warwick Rd, Duncraig
Public Football/Cricket Oval
Sycamore Drive, Duncraig
Duncraig Medical Centre
Burragah Way, Duncraig
Duncraig Leisure Centre
Marmion Ave & Warwick Rd, Duncraig
Burragah Way Shops
8 Burragah Way, Duncraig
Lilburne Rd Shops
75 Hilarion Rd, Duncraig
Duncraig Girl Guides
Marmion Ave, Duncraig
Sorrento Bowling Club
40 Warwick Rd, Duncraig
Northern Knights Cricket Club
Glengarry Park, Duncraig
Duncraig Playgroup
47 Beddi Road, Duncraig