Wildlife in Australia

1 April 2013
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One of the most common worries of prospective migrants to Australia is "How will I cope with all the spiders and snakes?" Or maybe sharks have got you a bit freaked out. Not surprising, really, when you consider that a fair amount of TV and film coverage has been devoted to "Australia's Deadliest ..." over the years.

Fortunately, in this case, you really do not have too much to worry about.... there are many challenges involved in emigrating and settling in Australia, but snakes, bugs and sharks will probably not be a major factor in your Aussie life.

That said, Australian wildlife is very different from UK wildlife, and it's best to know what to expect.

A Bearded Dragon lizard

The next few sections have been written by our sponsor, animal expert David Manning. David emigrated to Australia in 2006 and now runs Animal Ark, a nature based educational road show based in Perth.