Wildlife in Australia

1 April 2013
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Other Reptiles and Amphibians

by David Manning of Animal Ark.


Lizards tend to be small and all are harmless when left alone. None are venomous. If you see any at all it is most likely to be the little shiny skinks that run around a garden wall catching flies or the small dappled grey nocturnal geckos that also hunt bugs for food.

Mostly they are very welcome as they eat pests - they are a normal part of everyday life here. In Perth we sometimes see big 30cm Bob Tail lizards that eat fruits, leaves and snails.

Depending on where you are you may see Bearded Dragon lizards and even big Goannas (monitor lizards) at around a metre long. None are anything to worry about if you just leave them alone.

A skink: about 13cm long

A bobtail lizard: about 30cm long


Tree frogs
Ending on a positive note, frogs are nice friendly and to be welcomed. If you live anywhere near fresh water creeks, lakes or undisturbed bush you will probably encounter frogs sooner or later.

All are harmless and all eat spiders, cockroaches, flies and smaller frogs. Some species are noisy in the breeding season and may appear in large numbers.

There are no newts or salamanders in Australia at all and the only toad is the Cane toad, an introduced pest.